When it comes to revamping the kitchen, selecting the theme is the most difficult part. However, once the theme is decided on, building/remodeling the different areas of a kitchen and finding appropriate décor/appliances is a breeze. Thus, it is highly advisable that you select the right theme for your kitchen first. The 3 best or popular kitchen remodeling themes have been mentioned next so that you can get done with it, and move on to renovating the space effectively and accordingly.

The Ultra-Cool Minimalist Theme

Besides the fact that it is the latest trend as per home improvement magazines and blogs; the minimalist theme has also gained such popularity because it allows you to play with the theme. This theme is about using two or three-color schemes (usually complimenting light colors or different shades of a single color) throughout the whole kitchen with different sizes of cabinets to hide most kitchen appliances and tools.

When renovating, you can build your dishwasher or refrigerator into the cabinets to get that minimalist vibe easily. Usually, the options for minimalist theme décor should have a sleek design and a modern look. For appliances go for stainless steel with recessed lighting. Out of the many different kitchen remodeling themes, choosing accent furniture for a minimalist theme is easiest as all you have to do is find simple, sleek designs that tie up the kitchen well. It works best for small kitchens.

The Affordable Contemporary Theme

A kitchen renovation is an expensive affair, however, with the contemporary theme you can keep the cost as low as possible. This theme is usually about using both dark and light colors primarily. So, either just by repainting the walls or with simple remodeling procedures like changing only the countertops with dark color material of existing light-colored cabinets, you can achieve the look/feel you want.

This kind of color scheme will need intense and bright lighting to make the décor pop and balance out the dark and light color scheme. Going for this theme will be stress-free for you as contemporary décor is popular and available in plenty both online and offline. Bold colored accent furniture is a key characteristic of this theme. It works best for spacious kitchens.

The Fool-Proof Rustic Theme

Out of the different types of kitchen remodeling themes, the Rustic theme is considered as one of the easiest options to go for. With traditional or antique or vintage color scheme you can achieve the rustic look easily. With warm tone, color scheme and lighting along with wooden/metal décor and appliances, the cozy feel of the theme can be achieved. The countertops should be dark in color that pops up against the warm tones around the kitchen.

You need to use repurposed materials for the cabinets and countertops for this theme. Going to this theme will be economical as well. Usually, choosing the right accent furniture and/or centerpiece can be difficult. However, going for distress furniture will work perfectly for this theme. Distress furniture is the latest trend and can be found both online and at local stores.

However, you also have the option to go for vintage pieces from flea markets, thrift stores and other such similar places (it will be cheaper yet unique as well). Unlike the other two themes mentioned here, the rustic theme works for both small and spacious kitchens.

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